Cream Letterheads (Cheaper Alternatives To Conqueror)


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Hi All,

I seem to attract customers who would like anything but white letterheads, which is quite a headache especially as they don't really want to pay more for it. I'm aware that Conqueror has a fair range of papers (High White, Oyster, Cream, Vellum etc.) and I've ordered Conqueror before, but I am desperate to find some printers which have alternatives to Conqueror as it can get very awkward explaining to a customer that'll they will be paying 4-5 times more than with a premium smooth white paper.

At present it is a light cream that I am trying to source and I have scoured the internet and to date all I have found as an alternative is who offer their 120gsm Pharoah Cream which is a close match to 120gsm Conqueror Wove Oyster and comes in at between 2-3 times the cost of white. There must be alternatives surely? I really don't want to have to use if I can help it.

Any ideas are very welcome as this is becoming a very regular headache. Thanks for your time :icon_smile:

Kind regards, Emlyn
Colour Plan is also eye-wateringly expensive. Could also take a look at Vanguard papers, Popset papers - check with your local paper merchants. Advocate have a Natural which is pale cream. Have you contacted your local printer? They may be able to advise something.
Are you after full colour or spot colour letterheads? If you are after full colour you try printing a tint of yellow (about 10%) on both sides to simulate cream! I've done this in the past - but admittedly not for letterheads!
Thanks Boss!

Last time around when I was looking into it I approached a few of the major paper suppliers and requested samples, including Robert Horne but they never sent me anything. So currently the only paper swatchbook/range chart that I have is a Conqueror one which PaperCo (The Paper Company - PaperCo Home) were kind enough to send me. I think maybe I will get in touch with them again and see if they have anything else they could send.
Thanks for the suggestions, that's really helpful. I've contacted a few local paper suppliers to see if they have any recommendations and samples to send out. I had thought about using the tint of yellow as a cheap option, but a bit worried about getting the percentage wrong as light tints of yellow on uncoated paper can be a little unpredictable!
From memory I used about 10%... if that helps (and you'd have to do both sides!)
Paper sample books are really useful - normally the PaperCo are helpful - will always get you samples sent.