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I was required to make a website for my ICT A-level coursework. We had to think products to sell on the site I choose graphic products etc... The site does not actually sell the products but alternative links to the actually site are provided. An order form is on the site as this was a requirement by the exam bored, filling and sending for the product will not get you anywhere as the site is for educational use only. The web address is Graphic Works - Homepage Please leave positive and negative feedback, I'm mainly looking for feedback on the usability and looks of the site.

I must state again that the site does not sell any products neither is it possible to buy them off the site but alternative links are provided.

Thanks in advance
As far as usability and navigation goes, I'd say you couldn't really get much more simple, no issues with not being able to find things as it's a pretty standard set up. The design however, looks very 1998....but then as you're doing an ICT course and not a design course it would be harsh of me to start ripping into that. I was thinking though, would there be a possibility of you teaming up with an A level design student and making a joint project out of this?

I found that teaming up with other courses on my degree was of great benefit when i needed good photography, animation, video footage etc.
Hello James :)

Well I agree with what has been said above, the site functions very well, you've got all the right tabs and buttons, for social media etc.
It's the design that lets it down, and as said, I would also have a look round for a Designer to team up with! much luck in the future mate.