Couple of Logo types


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Very simple tbh.. Was just wondering thoughts :icon_biggrin::icon_blushing:


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lose the wiggly blue line. It doesn't look good and adds nothing the communication. I personally don't mind the crown, but I agree it would look better ranged left.
I'm going to go against what everyone else has said so far and say I much prefer the 1st option :icon_biggrin:

I like the additional colour the squiggly line brings but I'm not sure what the squiggly line is really doing, what it is, or how it is relevant to the company or design.
I actually like the first one better xD although I would also get rid of the blue squiggly line. Maybe make the C the same size as the I though? Then you could possibly separate the crown from the I and put it above the two letters? Just a thought =)
The title and that squiggly line make you look like an IVF lab. I don't dislike the rest, other than to echo Minuteman's bit about the spacing.
With the first one my worry would be that the I is a bit too challenging. On first glance the capital I looks like a lowercase l which will only lead to confusion.

On both, I enjoy the injection of colour that the squiggle adds but am not sure what the squiggle itself is there for? Maybe lose the squiggle, add that colour to the crown and lift it away from the top of the I?

With the second one, the first m and the uppercase C run into each other. The tittle on the i looks uncomfortable, as though its there by mistake.