Correct leading for capital letters


Ok so something I've never really got to grips with is what leading should you use when you have a title in capitals which goes onto two lines.

For instance, using InDesign I might have a title in 48pt and it will default the leading to 57.6pt which is fine for sentences but way to deep for capitals. Even making it 48/48pt seems a bit too much.

Is there a rule of thumb to get the visually correct leading? I think great typography plays a big part in design work and I'd like to figure it out once and for all!
If it looks right, then it is. There's no real way to do it, you just have to go off whether you think it looks correct or not. The lines need to be close enough that they read from one to the next, not but too close that they become hard to read altogether. Just use the up/down arrows to change the leading in increments until you think it looks good.
Thanks Paul, I just wondered if there was any ideal fraction for it. Sometimes the eyes do work equally as good though!
I agree with you that slightly less that solid leading is about right visually - about 95%. But as most fonts are different it will vary...