Copywrite Law


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Can any body offer some advice on copy write law. I'm currently working up a concept for a client using images of Lego and Lego figures. Am I in any danger of getting in trouble from Lego by using images of their products? Do I need to get permission from Lego?
I would avoid using any imagery that you have described.

Many years ago I worked at a firm that used a stock image of some 'love hearts' sweets. Months later our client phoned up explaining that they were being ordered to pay a fine or they would be taken to court by the company that makes the sweets.

In the end they did pay (my boss covered the cost) and we found out that the sweet manufacturer had people that scoured the press and other sources for people using their image rights, They even told our client that it was a good source of income for them.

It you really need to use the image i would suggest getting in touch with Lego, I'm sure they have people that can help you with this.