Copyright 'courses' ?


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Hello all,

As a newbie to this forum I apologise if this is not the place, or thread, to be posting here - please either ignore or delete (or advise) if thats the case.

I am looking to produce some video work for Government (montages of clips, transitioned together, with supporting soundtrack and overlaying text). Whilst we have a Getty Subscription which satisfies much of our needs it would enhance our videos if we could use alternative sources (such as YouTube, Google etc.), however, as I 'usually' create my content myself my knowledge of copyright (licensing, fair-use, public domains, creative commons) is close to zero. Do any of the members here know of any courses available to assist me? Im happy to research and read online but do not want to be mis-informed and much prefer a dedicated course, or course providers if one/they exist.

Once more, apologies if this is not the forum for this thread but thank you to all of those in advance for any advice given.

I know this might seem a strange thing to suggest but seeing as you work with the government maybe get in touch with the people who deal with the copyright (legal department I would guess) side of things.

Other than that, general rule of thumb, if you can't find a license that applies to the image/video etc then you will need to contact the original author and organise permission and if necessary payments with them to use the work. It does get harder with google searches etc though because well it's pretty rubbish in terms of defining 'copyright', it did however have some rudimentary filters to allow you to only search for 'free to use' type work last time I checked.