Copying a logo from Google

Ok, so I've got a client that wants to copy a logo they've found on google. I've explained this is not a good thing to do for many reasons. So I've suggested a redraw.

I've attached the original and the redrawn version. I'm still concerned they look too similar, but I did one that was completely different and it was rejected. I can't find anything much out about the original. It seems to be for a music label from Mexico. People have already copied it to make badges and stickers on ebay. The new one will be for a restaurant. My feeling is, we'd probably get away with it, but it's not something I'd usually do. My current plan is to get a written statement form them saying it's their responsibility.

Any thoughts?


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looks good and I dont think anyone in their right mind will be able to prove - or want to prove that you copied this image. - Everyone gets idea from other images.
I think you'll probably get away with that but, belt and braces, explain your concerns to them (as I think you have) and then some kind of signed statement from the client that it is their responsibility. Sign over the completed artwork after completion and I'd say it is their problem then.
Furthermore, I think the act of obtaining a written statement from the client indicates that you're knowingly colluding in something fishy so I'm not sure that would absolve you of any responsibility.
Keep clear - it's clearly a 'version of' rather than an unfortunate 'duplication' of an idea. 'Passing off' is illegal I believe....IP lawyers please stand up.
Yep, that's what I thought. I was hoping you'd all go - 'don't worry, it's fine'. But I kinda thought you wouldn't. Anyway, back to the client to explain why copying is bad and wrong.
Oooo tough one

I think you've got slowly sucked into this unfortunate situation.

I think now you have retrospect, it probably would have been a better idea to from the get go suggest to the client that this is a very bad idea; explaining exactly why and attempting to persuade them that something new will be better than what they have seen.

Now you've half way through the process and have indeed almost copied the design for them, it is more difficult for you to make a stand.

I think you probably do need to make the stand though about it being so close to the original and firmly insist that you will only hand over a design that is not quite as close to the original as this. It will seem a bit strange now that you've gone and drawn it for them already, as the stand should have come before you actually drew it, but better late than never.

I think this is a good lesson to any designer - never do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, as there is usually a good reason why you are uncomfortable; refuse work if you have to.

I'd already done a much more different one for them, but they rejected it. And you're right - I need to redraw this one again to make it more different. The other issue I've got is that I'm working through another company, so I haven't got direct contact with the client. It's a bit Chinese whisper-y. And that doesn't help either.

I dont have any Quals or much experience so my opinion doesn't really matter I suppose. But I really think that its different enough. As long as its not the same. Its a simple idea, a sillouete of a rasta man...Im sure just giving that breif alot of people could come up with similar! What about just changing the the angle or stance of the man?