Convert Publisher to PDF, Doc etc


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I thought I might as well be the first to pop a post in this category. I just wrote a little article about converting Microsoft Publisher files to PDFs etc (free) using

Clients are always sending me 'layouts' in Publisher, and my copy of Publisher simply doesn't open them. Ahhh Microsoft... Anyway, I found a good online resource to convert the files for free (if you can bear to put up with the occasional pop-under adverts):

If you visit you'll find a website which offers free file conversion for a plethora of file types, including Microsoft Publisher. You'll be able to upload a .PUB file and they will e-mail you the converted .PDF, .DOC, .RTF etc file you requested. I've tried it on a few .PUB files and had no failures as yet. This is the kind of website that deserves to be found.

I hope this is of use to someone...
Nice one.

Not had any issues opening clients PUB files yet, but will deffo bear in mind for future problems. :icon_thumbup: