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As a complete newby on this forum I have no idea if this is the correct section for what I am about to post.

Having recently set up as a freelancer and after reading many topic and posts on this forum I am increasingly concerned that, at present, I don't operate and T&C's or ask any of my clients to sign contracts.

Are any of you able to share with me your contracts etc?, would you recommend paying someone to write these up? Are there sites which provide templates that can be easily adapted?

I would really appreciate any help on this matter! has a bunch of templates but they don't always fit they way you work.

At a basic level all you need is an email from them agreeing to pay you certain amounts by certain dates for certain services. That's a contract.
To make things a little more watertight you may want to include:

- a clause covering ip so they don't buy your work and resell it as their own
- payment terms
- what constitutes reasonable delays by client so they can't wait 6 months to give you feedback on your design
- how changes in requirements mean changes in cost
- conditions for termination
- indemnity

If I were you I'd draft your plain English version and check with a local solicitor the cost of converting to a more formal legal document - it won't be that expensive.
The above info is the key stuff you need. As long as it contains everything that will cover you and everything you do, you're good to go. I actually wrote my own Ts&Cs that I send out with every quote. Whether they open the pdf or not is another matter. :D
Thanks for all the help guys, much appreciated.

Will check out the website and see if I can use it going forward as a template to work from.

I have spoken to a local solicitor who I sits behind me at football every saturday so he said he will take a look for me :)