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I've always relied on downloadable "General service agreement" type contracts in the past, but as my business is growing I'm looking to get a water tight contract and T&C's in place. Probably something more geared towards graphic design/web design services rather than general business law.

There are many companies who offer this online, but is there one in particular that anyone can recommend? Any tips on what to look for etc?

Thanks for any advice.
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I concur - chatting with a lawyer will do you a world of good.

I just googled a few in the Liverpool area - you should even call for a chat.
They might have a generic 'grandmothers nightgown' (covers everything) contract in place.

But having a lawyer would be good practice anyway. Just in case someone does decide they want to sue, or even if you just need general legal advice.

I had to get a lawyer a few years ago. The thoughts of it scared me to death. But I was in a tricky situation and wasn't sure what to do.
I got chatting with a few lawyers, picked one I felt understood me and my situation best, and made time for me.

And once I put the wheels in motion I haven't heard a dickie bird from anyone. Lawyer did his lawyer stuff and all was well.