Me again!

Does anyone know where I can get templates of 'good' design based contracts/agreements/T&Cs that I can tailor for myself? All the ones I come across in my searches are rubbish!

Cheers :icon_smile:
Isn't this essentially the same as asking "Does anyone know where I can get some good templates for websites, stationery, flyers, etc.?" on a forum for lawyers? They're liberal professionals, as well, after all.
I really don't know what your problem is. I meant like the word etc not design. I'm not a solicitor nor can I afford one so would be useless at coming up with all the things that should be laid out in worthwile contract/agreements and the wording etc.
I understand what you meant, and I'm not blaming you, lawyers are expensive. I was only pointing out that, in the same way as "if you want a proper design, you need a designer," "if you want a proper contract, you need a lawyer." People are always complaining here about how clients don't appreciate their true worth, you're doing the same. Like I say, I don't blame you and I don't want to get at you, I just find it ironic.