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Pretty much the most important page on the site. I completely re-did it because they wanted to offer online bookings.

I'm not sure though if I've taken away from people being able to quickly call or make an inquiry.

Any thoughts or improvement suggestions would be helpful!


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Layout is wrong for me personally. I'm of the view that telephone and actual address comes before the email details.

The way you've hidden the telephone in the email section isn't good either


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Contact page and appointment page are two different things.

Bin the hero image (it adds no value) and put their full contact details on the page followed by the contact form. Better still put these contact details on every page in the footer and the telephone in the header.

Add the 'Book an Appointment' button to every page - but don't use a pop up, it should be an actual page on the site. Each of the therapist images should link to the therapist page so I can choose who I want to see (each therapist needs their own page).

The actual booking form isn't good. It tells me you accept clients from anywhere in the world and the T&C are for timify not luciak.


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I don't know about all this web design stuff - but counselling is spelt differently throughout the website compared to your logo.

Contact Page

Therapists Page
Electic should be Eclectic
Accetping (spelling!)

elegible (spelling)

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