contact forms & captcha?


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I've a client who's site I'm currently working on. We made a temporary site with WP to give him a presence whilst we're building the main site but he's contacted me with a bit of an odd request regarding his contact form.

In the 3 weeks the temporary site's been online, he's had a fair amount of spam coming through. He wants to stop this on the new site but doesn't want potential customers to be put off by by a captcha which can be difficult to read especially for older people (his words not mine). Is there a suitable halfway house?
I think you can set Captcha up to make it slightly easier to read, or at least you can with other similar ones. Failing that, how about a hidden field in the form that only bots would fill in, if it is filled which it would be by a bot then it cannot be sent.

Not tried this but this is what I mean >
Thanks for that boss, I'll look at implementing it on his temporary site but the new site is being built with ModX. I guess there will be something similar within ModX wont there?..