Concept up for critique

Morning Guys,

I have attached a sketch of a logo concept for a company involved in the supply of natural stone.
The logo represents the mountain (triangle) and the natural stone excavation to the customer (horizontal lines leaving triangle).
The company name also begins with the letter L ( shape left after excavation).

Do you think that this logo design belongs in another industry, if so which?

All comments are welcome so i can either refine and develop this concept or remove this design from my plans before i become too attached and go to far in the wrong direction.

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What do you reckon Boss, am i barking up the wrong tree?
Its so difficult to get a concept together for this industry sector which hasn't got the obligatory square involved they all seem to have?
I want my idea to be different but not that different that people dont recognise the company for what it is or has to offer!
Can you not make those parts jutting out go up at an angle a bit more, to make it like the other face to the pyramid, making it more 3D, just a thought.

EDIT: Actually forget that, on reading your thoughts behind what you have done my idea would not fit. I like what you have done, but it's just whether it is too similar to others...
I replied in your other thread but anyway - as boss says it is a good idea / concept but I *do* think there are far too many logos that are very similar to that.

Could you not simplify a bit?


- I like what you have done but it could be seen as not very original because there are so many others like it.
Thanks for the comments posted in my last thread, all taken on board and appreciated. That thread was started to see if anyone could pin point this idea down to a specific brand.
This thread has been started to see if people feel this logo concept would sit out of place in the chosen industry, the supply of natural stone products.
I feel strong about the concept and thinking behind this logo, so much so that am i letting it ruin the functionality of the design?

First mock up will be posted shortly!