Concept Architecture

Hi Guys , remember me ?
Monthly check in ... actually I plan to be using your forums alot now so erm

I plan to take a 6 year course in architecture...
First kinda concept art of a 5 set of modern buildings designed for a university campus ( apologies for crappy textures as size limitations )



see what you guys think...

I dont quite know where to go for a career in architecture... its not like design , you can't get experience
Hey DanielMartin,

Good luck on your course, I have a friend that did it and is now successfully working in Birmingham, earning great money and has worked on some exciting projects.

When I first saw your top image my first thought was of an institution so University fits but they do look better suited to a modern church more than a uni. Also I think there is way to much walking! Who would want all that open space they have to walk with books etc? Guessing there are roads at the rear of the buildings?

Can't make out a great deal from the below image but I think the windows (I know they're not really) you have on the paths are not a good idea. What benefit do they provide? I imagine that with the hustle and bustle of people, accidents may happen?

Hope it helps...
I like the fact its spacious, you dont want to be in a place filled with dreary brick walls everywhere you look.

For the top image, could you maybe create that in a semi circle with a circle area in the middle with a fountain and some seating areas, it would be a nice relaxing place to visit during break and lunchtimes.

Also add maybe some trees, plants on the grass area with some benches?

Hope you like my suggestions

Great designs btw
Hi Daniel,

I have just completed my first 3 years (RIBA Part 1) in architectural education. Currently on placement in an architecture practice.

I would just recommend you go back to pen and paper. Look into universities, are you based in the UK? Read architecture and design blogs to gain an understanding of architecture today and of course the history of architectre. A couple of my favourites are Archdaily and Dezeen.

Don't jump into Computer Aided Design too early in your development process. As much is it is a great tool, for me it is for the presentation of a final design and should be used as another method to communicate your concept and ideas.

As for your design, they are only forms and do not function as a building. Architecture is about a lot more than just the aesthetic of a building. Think more about the spaces that you are creating.

Hope this help and is not too negative. If you require any more advice/information please do not hesitate to ask.