Computer System Suppliers


Hi All

My business needs to be able to offer computer systems from a really low price say for under £250.00 problem is the one supplier who I have contacted has quoted me around £280.00 for a computer system and that's without me making a profit.

Ideally I'd like to be able to purchase a computer system from around £210.00 and then make around £40.00-£50.00 profit or more.

I want to be able to offer this service where I can build them to the specification of the client, would it be worth contacting companies like IBM, Dell, Acer, HP/Compaq etc. If anyone can help that would be great.
it could be do done


I know its probably to late for you now but it could be done at this price quite easily but would depend on the specs you wanted for the computer.

The most expensive part of any system is the operating system and but you could get an OEM version for around £60 depending on what you wanted.

As for the rest it is possible to get a barebones bundle (part assembled) typically includes case, power supply, processor and memory for a mid leval machine for about £150 - £200 and then add a hard drive and optical drive if needed.

if you PM me with the specs you require I could give you a more accurate price. if you also let me know what the computer would be used for e.g small office, video editing, gaming and so on, I would be able to give you a better idea of what specs you actually need. I know many people who insist on having a very powerful machine just to run office.

Hope this helps