Competition for young designers/students


Hey Guys/Gals

I'm doing a competition for young designers/students and basically I'm wondering if i have missed anything out here or anything use would advise on ?

Competition Time!!!!

Let me know what use think.

feel free to enter!:icon_biggrin:

Iain :)
No offense or anything, but why not just pay a decent designer to do it properly? What happens if you get 50 submissions from students, none of which are what you want. You'd have to pay for whatever gig tickets they want for nothing? On top of that you'd then have to pay another designer to do what you initially asked for.
Hey Arrivals

Hope you are good this morning :)

Basically its us trying to show some kind of commitment to someone at college or university which is studying this trade as theirs a job prospect at the end of it. I could have just have one of the designers in the office do it but were trying to uncover the hidden talent. I really just posted it up here as I know theirs a few students/young designers that kick around here :)

And to ask yourself's if I had missed anything :)

Plus I get gig tickets for free haha so that's not a problem lol