Compatible vs Original Ink for Epson Large Format Printer? (Stylus Pro 9400)


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I have an Epson Stylus Pro 9400, which is currently running of compatible inks.

When the prints come out, they are slightly washed out, the blacks are not as black in comparison to our every day Canon MP560 printer, and it just seems a little flat. The blacks also look rather grainy. I have tried printing on 2 different types of paper, Glossy Photo Paper, 250gsm, and the Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper, which is a very expensive paper, so i doubt its the paper causing the issues.

We have purchased Genuine Epson Black Inks for the printer, just to see if they could run along side the compatible inks to solve the washed out black issue. But, the printer shows an error when the Original inks are in the printer. The error code relates to a pressure issue in the tubes from the cartridge to the print head. I'm not sure if this is because its recognizing genuine and non genuine ink... but its very confusing. :icon_Wall:

So, basically, what i am asking is... If we go ahead and spend over £600 on Genuine Epson Inks, will we actually see a difference. Also, does anyone recommend any very high quality papers for photographs. We are selling prints to photographers so they will notice anything out of the ordinary.

Thanks in Advance... Lee
This may sound a little irrelevant but a friend who runs a cartridge business reminded me recently NOT to update my software if I was using 'compatibles' as some compatibles companies weren't up to date enough and things do not come out as these should. Dont know if there is any mileage in this or not.

We do very short run (<10) Brochures for short term use and sometimes Epsom will not run when compatibles are loaded beside them.
Epson have been known to exclude compatibles in their 'updates'.
Compatibles & original should run side-by-side but there may be an issue with the seals, I suspect the Epson cartridges!
You can probably get blacker blacks by changing the ICC profile.
Thanks for your responses...

I have got the ICC profile set as the Epson PGPP which is for the Premium Gloss Photo Paper from Epson which we are using currently.

Is this the right choice? Or is there a way i can make the blacks deeper?

Sorry if its a little basic! I really am new to the printing side of things.

Thanks Again