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As has been pointed out many times. my design skills are pretty poor. I'm working on a new project to form the core of a general purpose comparison table.

This is it:

It doesn't need to be super shiny because users will customise to their own requirements. But it could look a bit better.

Suggestions please.
I'm sure you were saying that the appearance of something, especially on the web, wasn't important....
No, I was talking about branding. That’s not the same thing. This plugin doesn’t need branding but it may need some help with palette or font sizing or whatever. Or maybe the slider buttons should all be the same size. Or no shadow on the apply now button.
The comparisons are terrible - I can't see them side by side.
Nobody cares if it has a dropshadow or not. They just want to see the comparison side by side. I can't compare the rates using the system you have, it's awful.

Why wouldn't I use already trusted sites to compare?

This is much clearer.
Thanks @hankscorpio Most people now browse using mobile phone. Some stats show over 70%. Putting the results side by side doesn't work on a phone. The site you linked to doesn't have them side by side.

The plugins are for clients to download and use on their own sites. They build their own comparison tables as over 600 have already done: [link removed - Levi, moderator] with a good number getting a bespoke version built: [link removed - Levi, moderator]

This version of the plugin is better coded, faster and much easier to customise. It's not for bankloans or creditcareds or broadbank or anything specific, this just a tool to compare products of any sort.

The demo can sort the results anyway you want. I've just used the rating. Some users don't have calculated outputs so sorting by repayments wouldn't make any sense to them.

That's the background to this project. There are loads of modules I can add to the plugin but they don't change the general layout. All I've done for now is dump some colours into the CSS so I can see what goes where. Does yellow, grey and green work together?
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It's much better than what you have. I can easily see the prices compared largely in the right-hand side - side by side. It's pure and simple. How do you not understand that?

I think I know what you're doing here - and it's nefarious in my book - actually by law.

You're not building a comparison site - you're taking someone else's work and building a site around it so you get the hits and the money from paid advertising. You're basically just linking it back to the original site for others to buy it from them.

You admitted this the other week on your tradesman site.

In other threads you advocate that nobody cares about colours and fonts etc. now you're here asking about it? In fact, you can be quite disrespectful to the design industry in general, given this is a graphic design forum, it's beggars belief why you're here at all?

Nobody really cares about fonts and colours. All they care about is usability.
Nobody really cares what font you use.
Do you notice the colours, fonts etc? Or do you just use the applications?
I use this colour wheel thingy: I like it because it includes colour blindness simulator (amongst many other tools).
We have threads here where people need a very specific font or colour. But it really doesn’t matter very much.
just use plain colour. Nobody in the world apart from you cares

I don't get it.

You really should study it.

Here's a course on it

You basically come on here - give dreadful design advice, and you're not a designer. Then you say crazy things about design, fonts, colours etc, as not being important.

Then you have the nerve to ask for help to build what could be considered nefarious sites?

You have some neck.
Why is it nefarious site?

It's a plugin you download from wordpress. I don't compare anything, I just provide the comtainer for others to use. They upload their own comparison data and market their website. What you see on this demo is just dummy data.

I'm not building a comparison site. I'm building a plugin so others can build a comparison site. You would have seen example of how people have done this if the links weren't removed.

Would you be happier if I posted in the tenders and paid for some design help?