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Hey all,

Just taken on a rebrand for a local blacksmiths, very fun project to start on (yesterday) and going well so far. I have decided to draw then vector a custom font for these guys, its derived from a heidi font but then taken that little bit further. What do you all think so far? Website and marketing materials to come.

Simon Connett - company rebrand on the Behance Network

It's OK, not to my personal taste but I am sure others will like it. One thing I would say is that it isn't very original. I quite like your anvils (is that what you call 'em? :icon_biggrin:) but not a fan of the font or the pattern band - I just think it gives the logo a dated look.

Not meaning to piss on your bonfire mate - just my opinion.
Kind of agree with The Penguin; 'olde worlde' is a bit of an obvious route to take and, unsurprisingly, produces a bit of a fusty feel... perhaps not entirely inappropriate in this context but certainly not a necessity.
Agree with above.
Feel the typeface and patterned line are a bit fussy.
The anvil's good and feel things could be simplified a fair bit. :thumb:
I tend to agree with you all, Ive spent some time reworking the project. I am happy with the results, I know the typeface has not changed but I have simplified the logo a great deal. The old Anvil is gone and a much nicer one in its place.

Bit more to your tastes guys?

Simon Connett - company rebrand on the Behance Network

Thanks for the critiques :)
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Hmm... perhaps gone too far now in terms of over-use of both the anvil and the heavy gothic type... I think you could get something really nice out of a simple anvil and more minimal type.
Errr (sorry) but I preferred your first anvils and I have to agree with Dave that you have probably gone too far. There is definitely something to be made with an anvil and a fresh approach to the typography.
Thanks for your thoughts guys. The project is finished now. In regard to the anvils I posted the project on a couple of blacksmith forums and they all picked up on how the anvil looked initially, they hated it. The new anvil was created from scratch with reference to a modern day working anvil. They all loved the new one. My client Simon is over the moon. One very happy customer. You know what they say, you cant please everybody. I value your input spottypenguin.

over and out, for now.