Colour Shift


Hi guys, If just opened a design I did with a client using Photoshop Elements. (.psd file) :icon_Wall:

I have just imported into photoshop v7 then realised it needs to be changed to CMYK for his printer.

The colours have become quite muted. Yellow faded down quite a bit.

Is there anything I can do.
It’s not a lot of help to you now but next time design it in CMYK to start with and do it in Illustrator so when you change it to RGB for a website/powerpoint/word template it’s no problem.
Hi djb,

I agree, however I don't have Illustrator yet.

I probably not alone in that while I work at a client's business premises I use what they have unless it can wait until I can do it on my pc at my premises. It's happened before but this time the yellow seems to fade into the background.

Where possible I bring in a dedicated Graphic Designer who has more tools etc at their disposal again that's not always feasible.

Because of other softwares Photoshop 7 wont run on my laptop. Since they're crucial to my main business I can't change that right now.
You’ve probably done it by now but have a play with curves. You might be lucky and find you can take a chunk of colour out of C,M,Y or K and it’ll look fine again.
Sorry DJB I'm not sure what you mean. :icon_confused:

Yes I've finished that one but I'll be back before Xmas to do more. Client wont let me take work away (oh paranoia whoops who said that) Anyway I'll have same problem again soon I think.

Any help much appreciated.:icon_cheers:
Pantone Problems

I'd like a little steer on matching a colour sample a client has given me to be able to print it out as close as possible.

He wants new stationery using the colours he given me. I took a scan used an eye dropper to check on colour and tried to use it but the 'quick print' I did is just terrible looking.

I think the colour (greenish) is not good anyway but client is paying so he chooses.

I haven't got a pantone chart yet (I thought that would give me a visual reference) where might I buy one?
and which one should I get?

Thanks in advance as you guys :icon_notworthy: do come up trumps!!:icon_cheers:

DjB is right, in Photoshop Elements, you can change the HUE. SATURATION etc to make it look better.

As far as colour goes it is always difficult seeing a colour made up of light on screen and that of that
of printed material. I use Art Directors toolkit to sample colours and check the pantone and CYMK
value s of colours of work in progress (especially if the colour reference number is not given).

Give it a try with Elements and see what you find (the Hue , sayuration etc).