Colour change on logo


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Hello folks,

I have a logo I am happy with but need to change the colour of the font to a slightly darker green (to match the motif part of the logo)
I'm guessing this is a 2 minute job for someone in the know?

If someone could give me a quote that would be great.
I have thought about downloading a program and doing it myself but thought it probably best to seek professional help! (For the logo that is)

I have The logo in EPS format as well as the usual PNG etc

Any help much appreciated,

It depends on the complexity of the logo and what exactly needs to be changed.

EPS is all that is needed, PNGs and other file formats are derived from the EPS.
Thanks for the speedy reply

Happy to send you a picture of the logo if you can give me your email address.

Basically I need the colour of the strap line changed, that's all.

Has this job been done? If not, I don't mind helping with this. As you say its a quick 2minute job, so no need to charge for something as simple as changing the colour of a font. I'll do you the favour if it hasn't already been sorted.