College work mental block.


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Hello everybody, i am currently a student in graphic design in college, about to go to uni. I am enjoying graphic design and usually ideas and design flow to me loads at a time i jot them down, draw them out combine them etc.

But this brief my teacher gave me i just... im stumped.

The brief goes like this:

We have to design a leaflet, flyer and poster for a new museum that will hold graphic design work. The museum is called ELEMENTS. So, we have learnt the things we need to include, direction, rythm etc etc and we had to pic a style or more less end up witha style, art deco swiss grunde so on. I started of with my only idea, a big poster with ELE

pretty much like that but set out in scale etc to fill the paper with a gap after the S big enough for about 1-2 more letters. I then added a real grundge theme but the letters were a little lighter, so whilst it wasnt clear it looked good. apparently im missing the point as i need images (its image and word brief being marked on combining the two)

So, i am sturggling BIG TIME. i need to include a elements theme, wether that be the four natural elements or elements of art (easel pencil paints etc.) its so hard and i was wondering if you could maybe throw a few ideas my way. not make it or tell me exactly but just a couple ideas that pop into your head? this is my last chance to wow the teacher and with all the stress of UNI interviews my portfolio etc i cant think straight.

I know this sounds really boring but try making a big mood board and include all the things that relate to elements, It could mean the natural elements or as you say the elements of art. Try and pack as much research and pictures for reference as you can whilst writing it down as you go along too, so you can maybe link things together you might not have thought of, so you might get a tree sprouting into a paintbrush or something like that, or perhaps using text in a way which makes it look as if it's turning into some vines or leaves. But if you're going down the art element avenue, you could maybe try adopting Swiss style graphic design, where it's very well places clean and neat but showing lines and using graph paper for that graphic clean, diagram style.

Royksopp did a great video years ago where it's all clean and graphic, you could take inspiration from this for your work!

YouTube - Royksopp - Remind Me

Hope this helps!
Okay: if I were doing this I'd adapt the layout of entries in the periodic table of elements (you see what I did there) and use a selection which feature classic design (this being a museum and all) - so, for example, you'd get:

'United Airlines Logo

(Insert image)


Saul Bass

I know the format has been used for other creative purposes in the past (e.g. typefaces version) but I think it works even better and is especially pertinent as a response to this brief.