Collating & Comparing Suppliers


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Dear all,

Now my level of print work is increasing the selection of suppliers i'm using for various jobs is widening.

How do people manage pricing/spec? Is it literally a case of online lookup at each supplier/phone quote or does anyone have a system/spreadsheet dump of prices?

Thoughts on managing suppliers most welcome.


Build trusted suppliers for profiles of projecct (e.g. small, large, newsprint, etc) and email for quotations. Build relationships with those suppliers.
Do what the wise man above says... I try and use the same few print providers again and again. That way I get a good price and good service - which in the end is more important.
90% of my print work goes through one supplier at the mo, whos local and i have an excellent relationship with.

For the bread and butter he's brilliant, but for stuff like lamination and 'nicer' finishes the prices are not as good.

Therefore trying to add a couple more printers to my trusted printer list, but realise will be some product overlap.