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ryan iddon

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hi guys, im a buding concept artist but have been working for around a year as a promotions officer for a small night club and cafe (owned by the bangor students union) to pay the bills. i basicly go in two days a week and design all there stuff for them from logos, menus, posters and anything that requires a bit of photoshop. i have no previous qualifaction in design and just go by instinct. if you guys could take a quick look at my work and tell me where i need improvement i would be crazy grateful.

everything is made by me, all the images are ether my drawings or a mixture of my drawings and composite imagery and around 2 -3 hours spent on a piece usally less if im rushed. you guys can be as frank as you want its the only way il learn.

ps they are all bilingual due to university poliy and the welsh must allways go above the english which makes them hard to read alot of the time.

everything must go super low res.jpg

graduation super low res.jpg

halloween poster super low res.jpg

mayhem super low res.jpg

mayhem better super low res.jpg

sorry about the small images its very difficult to see any thing on them since the maxium attach size is 90kb. is there any way around this?
I see these posters quite often around Bangor! Always wondered who done 'em.
Personally I really like them, mostly the more typography focused ones. There's a really nice, professional quality about them when you see them up close.
The only downside I would say is some text elements appear a bit too close to the edge of the poster, so the only advice I would give is to work with a set margin.
Aside from that, considering you have no design qualifications or anything, these are great. I like!
Well Ryan,

They look great, and if you ever need prices for printing them out in short or long run, give me a shout..
Keep it up..

These are all good, although my least favourite is the 'MAYHEM' one - I feel the fire effects are a bit too ... messy? Not sure how to describe it but I don't think it's as eye catching or appealing as the others.

Generally they're great though, your use of text is good, and the illustrations are fantastic!
I like these from what i can see, maybe you could upload the original sized image to tinypic and post a link for the different images?