client wants a quote


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I am working with this new client, and he wants me to send an official quote as his website is getting financed by another party. I agreed to build the website for £400 but I'm not sure how to transcript that info into an official quote as I have no idea how many hours it will take me to complete the project, does anyone know what I should do?
I send a letter with an attached proposal for the website (including a sitemap, prices for any hosting requirements and a list of things required from the client) and my T&Cs. Make it wordy, and put it on a letterhead and it should be fine. You don’t need to go into detail too much about how long it’s going to take you unless you want to tie yourself down with deadlines ;)
State the top level actions you will complete and include the total figure. Simple and brief as possible.

List disbursements separately and cost.
Nothing wrong with a fixed price job. I routinely secure work on this basis, the only proviso being that the fixed price is subject to the client providing full and final content prior to commencement of the job and that any client-directed amends thereafter are charged at an hourly rate.