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Without going into ins and outs, have you got any stories of nasty clients to deal with?

We're currently just finishing up on a freebie site, offered to a relative of a partner in my business. We've overrun on our short deadline by 2 weeks, a big failing and we've apologised for it. Anyway, he's gone off on a big one, threatening legal action for loss of earnings. I guess that's business, and we've learnt that we can't always meet such short deadlines. We'll pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and move on.

Have you got any similar stories?
And the site was for free? I'd tell him where to stick it!

Don't get me wrong, if he is a paying customer then he is well within his rights to have a moan, but not if you are doing it for free. Threatening legal action?, honestly, I'd delete the site and tell him to do one. :icon_mad:

As for nasty clients, I can honestly say we have only really had 2 problem clients and that was when we were just starting out (touch wood).
Trust me Damon, that's all I want to do. However, best to remain professional at this time and learn lessons. I'm certainly not worried about the legal action, they could always get us to refund any fee's he has incurred I guess.
He wouldn't have a leg to stand on in court as I presume you have no contract with him, and you're not charging him anyway!

Remain professional until a point but don't let him take the p**s (excuse my french).
Well, he has no contract, just a verbal agreement that we'd try and get it done for the turn of the month. Email proof only.
What a complete "Mod Edit, mans private parts :icon_biggrin:"! Let him take legal action, it will cost him a fortune when the judge throws it out...........

Don't you dare refund him anything... people like him need teaching a can't act like a spoilt brat when it comes to business.

Anyways, back to topic...
I had someone threatening to take legal action against me because our business names were the same and we offered the same services.
I guess that's business ay Helen. I'm sure it's part of developing as a businessman/woman, dealing with unflattering clients and rivals.

He made me laugh though.....he said "you will be receiving a letter from my solicitors", but he sent it through my contact form and I have no address published on the site. mmnnnnnnn! Where exactly are you going to send it you idiot!