Clever advertising needed for print business


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Hi :icon_smile:

I have recently started advertising on a DJ forum.

BOGFROG Graphic Design & Print? - Mobile Disco Directory Forum

Being a DJ myself I thought this would be an interesting route to go as I would love to design and print other DJ's promotional material.

I need to come up with a really interesting and different promotional campaign and need some advice.
Rather than a price orientated can anyone think of anything really interesting i can do.

Something like a competition or poll etc. Something which will attract lots of attention?
I have thought about giving away some DJ gear that I do not need but everyone else will want in exchange for :icon_confused:

I am normally very good at this but listening to a learn polish MP3 and after a 2 hour lesson earlier my brain is fried :icon_eek:

I am also newish to the commercial print industry so could do with a few marketing tips anyway :icon_wink: