Cinema 4D training - any recommendations?


Hi guys, I'm wanting to do some proper training in C4D, I've done some online tutorials, picked the guys brain at work etc. but there comes a time when you just want a few days away from the office with someone who will know all the answers to your questions and can give you their (almost) undivided attention.

Ideally I don't want to go to London to do this, does anyone know of any classes held in the North of England that may be worth me checking out? I figure if i don't have to stay in London and can commute to the course each day of it, that's more money for me to spend on the actual course itself. My employer will be paying like, but I still gotta get the cost signed off.
Turns out (if anyone is interested) that there are a few companies offering courses in the North of England, but when you actually inquire about them they're not running due to lack of interest. Darn. So London it is for me then. :icon_rolleyes: