Cinema 4D - Opinions

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Looking for people's opinions on learning curve involved in learning Cinema 4D, I use CS4 PS, AI, ID to a professional level, thoughts?
Been self teaching myself 3d Studio Max 9 and boy oh boy does it make my brain hurt at times. Requested the demo disc from Maxon for cine 4 and it looks a lot easer to use (in an 'intuative' way) Think i may make the switch when i have the basics dialed but that's a way off. Guess this is not much help as i'm still learing too but I think the whole 3d solution will be a very good thing to have in any design armoury.
I've been debating on whether to learn maya, lightwave, C4D or 3DSM for some time now. All appear to be rather complex and would actually require the usage of a rather large book me thinks. I believe there are video tutorials floating about for each program though which are always visually quite handy. I'm pretty sure I've seen PDF tutorials too, but it's a case of motivating ones self to actually look, something which I've been lacking of late.
Definitely something worth getting into though, I reckon once you're familiar with the interface, you'll be on your way. There's a lot of maths involved too I've been told.:icon_wink:
I've tried several times, they are all a nightmare.

I've seen fantastic work done in cinema 4d, it takes perseverance and a little bit of ocd.