Christmas & New Year Holidays

Stationery Direct

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So how long are you giving yourself off this year? Will you be working the 3 days in between Christmas & New Year?

I find this time of year a great time to catch up with all the little jobs I haven't had chance to do throughout the year due to workload, so I expect I will be busy, will definitely have a couple of days where I won't turn on my PC though.
We are taking our last orders at 5pm on the 16th of december and then it is a well deserved break!

( the print boys will be working hard no doubt! but the sales/web team are off from the 17th untill 2009! )

I would imagine some of us will get more work done during this time tho, without the phones ringing!
I'll not be working Christmas Day or Boxing Day, but if any work needs to be done at any other time then I'll be doing it. At the moment I work on a whenever there's something to do, do it, kind of system.
I had intended to take a well earned 2 week break but over the past week so much works come in it will be all hands on deck! I'll take Dec 24th
, 25th
and 26th
off then work until Dec 31st and have Jan 1st and 2nd off

Then start this whole thing off again for 2009.
24th and 25th of December and 31st of Dec and Jan 1st will be our days off, but between these holidays we need to work.