Christmas – cards or...?


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OK - younger people - if you don't send Christmas cards what do you do? Old hat? I was thinking more about business clients and suppliers than friends. I send clients a card as a 'thank you and don't forget me' but am I just terribly old fashioned?
I think a personalised newsletter that is short and sweet wishing everyone a merry christmas is a good idea. I sent one this year via mail chimp and in previous years I have had quite good feedback - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! I have customers in Canada and Oz, so I think this is the best option for myself. Whether it would work for others depends on where your customers are based, what your relationship with them is like and whether you want to send a written card or a cheery email based card. Hope this helps! :)
Cards are a cost I simply cant justify at the moment so haven't sent any (business or personal). I did get a hideous vistaprintesque card from the garage who serviced the air con on my car, so they'llbe getting a call in the new year offering my services! :)
I haven't sent a card in years (other than to close friends) but the thought of sending something digital just seems a bit cheap and impersonal to me. You don't have to send a card as such, but there's no reason why you wouldn't send something printed to clients or creative directors. I think something tactile will always trump something digital when it has a greeting or personal message attached.
We send cards (just sent our own today!) - just feels a nice touch - tangible. Appreciate them when we receive them. Have also received more than 15 diaries to date!

Have produced circa 10K Christmas cards this year.
I am sending cards myself - as a designer for (predominently) print I always try to send physical marketing collateral. Even if it goes in the bin the chances are that clients will at least open the envelope!

Glad to hear that diaries are making a comeback also!