complete redesign


hi yes, i like simplicity.

it says you studied Graphic Design , but your a Visual Supervisor.

As a recent graduate myself, i'm interested in hearing do you feel you did the wrong degree? or did graphic design help you get into this?


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Yeah, graphic design really helped. I mainly made pieces of motion graphics at college, and a few short films. So I was always interested in what I do now.

Thanks for the feedback on the site.



I agree that it's a very simple site and that it's easy to navigate which makes it perfect for what it is. I could probably navigate to anything I wanted to find in under 10 seconds so I don't think it could get much better from a user experience perspective. Sadly I'm not as advanced as you obviously are in php but from the bits and pieces that I do know, it looks like a very nice bit of coding as well *jealous face*