Choosing a Business Name


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Hi, I've decided to start my own part-time freelance business and have a few names to consider.

First I'd like to ask your opinions on using your name for your business, instead of a studio name. I've heard using a studio name can sound more professional, but I'd like my clients to know who I am for my real name, for both memorability and to be acknowledged for my work. Yet I hope I don't get seen as a one-person team that can't deliver as much as a studio could.

Here's a few I'm thinking of using;

Lucas Gillon Graphic Design

Lucas Gillon Multimedia Design

I'm a multimedia graphic designer that can do web design, 3d modelling, airbrushing, etc... so I would like to add an element of being an all-rounder in my business name, and I would also like people to know what I do just from my business name, but not sure between the words Multimedia or Graphic, it depends on what images these words conjure up to my target audience.

My Target audience will vary, but my main target is PR, advertising, web, print and brand identity purposes.

Let me know which one you think is more attractive towards people/ business's in need of a graphic designs.

Many thanks.
What about just Lucas Gillon Design - Covers all the bases and presumably any advertising you do will have more information than just the company name in it? I am in the same boat currently - I want to just use my name but it seems that every man and his dog seems to be promoting themselves as an agency.