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New website and branding, check it out and let me know what you think... Mike Garlick Design - Home

I'm a freelance designer involved in branding, websites, photography and art direction. Took the plunge 18 months ago and not looked back since!

Merry Christmas all, have a good one.
Mike I think your website is excellent.

Very professional, very interesting, and it showcases your work (which is also very good), really well!

Sorry I can't be more constructive with my critique but there is very little I would change. If anything, MAYBE the first page is not that 'grabbing' and doesn't invite me in that well.. I would personally have split it up into different types of work rather than different jobs you've done, so have each panel a different thing i.e. web, print, photography, logo, etc. I say this because your potential customer who lands on this page is going to be looking for a certain type of work, so if they see a big panel that shouts out to them "WE HAVE WHAT YOURE LOOKING FOR! :)", they will be drawn in and you can then tailor the next page they see to that particular type of audience - as different audiences will have different needs. It would let the user feel in control as if they are choosing what they see rather than it being shown to them which I think people like and will support the idea of you being able to create what THEY want.

Good luck I hope things go well for you I have no doubt that they will :thumb:

Check out my post in this section and let me know what you think of mine :icon_smile:

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Thank you Rise Resolution!

I did think long about the homepage content and decided I wanted to do it a little differently and showcase selected clients/jobs encouraging visitors to dig a little deeper if they had seen something they like the look of, letting the clear menu along the top to explain straight away what I do. I also wanted it to be very visual and less text led. But maybe they could click through to the category pages rather than the end project page as they might miss out on something else that may be of interest.

Will check yours out too.

It is a very nice and clean website you have here, different to a lot I have seen and I really do like it! goood job.
Cheers Matt, thanks for the feedback. I'm in two minds whether to make the homepage more geared up towards what I offer rather than a showcase of what I've done...
If you are looking at something like that you could easily bring down the size of the project and begin to work under it but still have it there. Bring in a little more text and such maybe. That is all up to you just a suggestion for you.