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Hi guys,

I’ve always wondered if there was a forum for design stuff so I am glad I have signed up for this one.

I’m new to this forum. I was wondering if I could ask for any advice/opinions on the logo that our designers have designed.

I am the owner of the website: [link removed - Levi]

I have also attached our logo below. Please check my logo and give me suggestions for more improvement.

This is where anyone with any input, knowledge, tips, or even help would b greatly appreciated!

Hope you guys might be able to help?

Many Thanks.


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The backward K is a bit off putting.
Initially thought it was R I
But then with the tagline you can see the k clearly.
Why is it backwards?

On your website it's very difficult to see the details.

You need to discuss with your designers the necessary things to fix.
They are being paid - we are not.


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Thread locked. As it's not the OPs design - it's a design commissioned by another designer, so the designer is not able to input their own feedback.
Not open for further replies.