Cheap job, any good free hosting sites?


Hi, i have been asked to do a quick £50 website and even after discussing it with the client, he still wants an unprofessional, free hosted cheap job. And for £50 i will stick to his wishes and make this quick.

So this brings me to my question, does anyone know any free website hosting that allow you to upload your own page files, e.g. a website created on dreamweaver?

Thanks for the site i'll use that.

I was thinking the same, but it is for someone i know, so i'll just have to make sure it doesn't have any link with me after it's finished. :icon_hide:
Why not get yourself a nice VPS server and host multiple sites? You can get a decent server nowadays with plesk control panel for around £40-£50 a month, I know you need free hosting but VPS is a great way of easily hosting multiple websites.
A 50 buck site can always lead to more work later? Its call you have to make.

why would anyone do free hosting (unless they are wanting something later :icon_biggrin:)
Template WordPress site hosted on WordPress with a url Sorted haha but tbh i would just wash my hands of the client