Charity Booklet/Flyer Printing


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Prior consent to post this from Boss Hog as it is for a good cause :icon_smile:


I am organising a charity fundraising day for the Alzheimers society in June, as my Mum was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers in September. She is only 57 and it has come as a huge shock to us all.

She receives a lot of support and help from the Alzheimers Society and we would like to help them by fundraising.

Our aim is to hold a 'fun day', Proctor & Gamble have contributed an incredible amount of electrical, health & beauty items to be raffled. We are having a cake stand, charity leg waxing, etc. We would also like to make a basic magazine to give to people attending. We are aiming to sell advert space within the booklet to raise money towards the charity.

Are there any printing businesses on here who would be happy to contribute printing. Either 30page booklets (A5 size) or Flyers (A5 size) for the day? I would be so grateful. Ideally about 100-150 booklets, and 500-1000 flyers, obviously you are more than welcome to put your business details on there!

I am so sorry if this is a really cheeky request, but it is for such a good cause and every penny is going towards the Alzheimers Society.

Please feel free to pm me or reply to this message if you are happy to help.


Helen x
Hi there

I would love to say yes to offering these items for free, but not at the present moment as I have committed to other local charities. If you struggle to find someone, here are the prices I can do for you.

500 X A5 Full colour
1 Sided print
From artwork supplied by you
Delivery to one uk address

100 x A5 32pp has to be in 4s
Full Colour Throughout
Saddle stitched
From artwork supplied by you
Delivery to one uk address