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I have just started going self employed and have been advertising, and have had some interest. However it appears that whatever i quote them seems to be too much.

My price range is roughly:

1 – 3 Page Website

£150 - £250 (GBP)

3 – 10 Page Website

£350 - £550 (GBP)

Websites over 10 Pages

£650 - £1000 (GBP)

Is this overly priced? Normally i will throw in a web based logo in there free if they need something quickly.

Its very hard to know what to charge people as everyone is different and there doesn't appear to be no average price guide.

How low do we have to charge these clients? I have a lot of experience have worked for some major clients and i know the work that goes into designing, building and testing a website.

Any guidance would be great as i just feel i am throwing them to cowboys.
Hi Emma

Your prices look to be right on the money for me. As you say, building a website properly takes time and commitment. Plus there are the client meetings and chasing content to consider. From what I can see from your portfolio your websites are worth at least that much.

Don't drop your prices become some people are too cheap to understand what a website should cost. Chances are they will go and get a sh*t job done somewhere else and be back in six months. Stick to your guns and say your prices with confidence. You'll get there :icon_smile:
Hi Emma,

What do you offer for the website apart from just a quantity of pages? Does that include CMS, e-commerce, hosting, any maintenance, etc?

Your portfolio looks great so I suppose it's the extras that you offer that helps to justify the price.

A company that I work with offers the creation of a website from £300 with CMS plus a £30 monthly maintenance and hosting fee. They get a lot of business I believe, due to not having a huge charge up front. The £30 per month doesn't seem like a huge amount to the client and covers most things because most months there will be no major amendments. The CMS puts the onus on the customer to do most of the maintenance.

I would think it really comes down to the client and how much would be required for their particular business.

G :icon_biggrin:
Thanks Guys

I will offer hosting (but i would much prefer them to purchase their own domain names during the early stages). I offer an annual maintenance service which would include updating and keeping the website modern and clan. There will be a service for “Rush Jobs” where i work out of hours for emergences or if the client has a tight deadline. I tend to use Wordpress for CMS and Ecommerce cases. If the client doesn't need ecommerce or a CMS then i will code up a static site from scratch (which i prefer).

But mostly i just focus in designing and building the websites as i still plan on working for the larger clients onsite as a freelancer as well.
Your prices look right to me. I sometimes offer deals to lure people in, and then realise I've made a rod for my back as I'm building websites for very little, so I would agree with Corrosive, don't drop your prices.