Charging for work: Hourly or Flat Rate

Very interesting.

There was a similar discussion on another thread. Flat fees are a good idea and I've taken this on a bit more quite recently. However, sometimes it's good to charge an hourly rate due to ever changing briefs: it's hard to charge a flat fee for what you think will take a couple of hours, if it then pans out to take 7 or 8.

I suppose this is where a good brief and a well worded quotation comes in. :thumb:
I've not read the article but if your approach to estimating is tight enough, it shouldn't really make any difference whether you come in with a flat fee or an hourly rate as one will be informed by the other - it's just a question of how you package your offer. The important thing is to be clear about any ifs, buts and maybes and to have some contingency arrangements in place for any changes to the brief - you shouldn't be carrying the risk if and when the client moves the goalposts once work is underway.