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Vector illustration of cartoon/character quote required.

I am going to be up-dating my clients branding and marketing collateral. Included in this new look and feel we have a character/mascot that needs redrawing. The client teaches youngsters (2-7 yr olds) fun activities aimed at improving the children's motor skills, co-ordination and confidence. They use scientific research to back up there teaching methods, and the emphasis is on 'giving your child a head start' with sport in mind. They are a medium size company who are expanding in the UK, but do have a large presence in SA and USA, plus other countries.

I will require this character to be redesigned and supplied in a layered illustrator file, I will supply reference to the style I like (it's not a hand drawn, pencil or ink style), more flat colour, abstract, mr man ish, but not quite so childish. I'm after something with a distinct style. This character will need to be round or ball shaped.

I will need 5 different poses, for example jumping, balancing, clapping, running and one just standing (generic look). I'll pay you more if more needed. I would prefer you to send me hand drawn visuals of your character before going to mac, but not essential if you prefer to work straight to mac. Quote me for initial design development (ie creating one) then a price for each new pose.

If you fancy having a crack at this, contact me with some work samples and any questions and I'll get back in touch. I'll send you the existing character to look at and some reference of what I like.

This project probably won't happen until late August.

Thanks a lot and I look forward to hearing from you.

Vector Illustrated Mascots

Hi Andy,

I've be delighted to assist and have a lot of experience in character design.

Could you email me on amanda AT so that I can then return email you some information and a cost indication?

You can view a portfolio of various works at Logo Design, Print Design, Illustration, including a section on illustration for clients. I will be able to show you further samples if required as the website features a limited portfolio.

I'm happy to create rough sketches yes before fully creating designs in vector format. These can be yes useful for establishing the correct pose and character style before moving forward with completion of the character.

You've probably already got this project covered, but for future ones, perhaps look over my work and see if I can help you out.

Leah x