Changing colours in Illustrator - vector file



I am wondering if someone can help please? I have recently purchased a watercolour vector background. The colour is Blue and is made up of around 10 different blue colours.

If I wanted to change the 10 Blue colours to say 10 Greens, is there a quick way to do this? I know 10 isn't a lot to change manually, but some have 30 plus colours on them as well.

I usually go to 'Edit' - 'Edit Colours' - 'Recolour Artwork'.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


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'Watercolour vector' is a misnomer, of course, but that's by the by.

Not sure how to do it in Illustrator, but there's various ways in Photoshop of course - can't you open it up as big as you want it
in Photoshop, does it need to stay as a vector?


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Is this one of those free watercolour vectors that you can download?

I've tried re-colouring them and it's a bit of a nightmare as they must be scanned in and then image traced and can be LOADS of colours depending on how they traced them.

I'd have suggested 'Recolour Artwork' but I guess you tried that?

As I recall, I think I searched out an "editable, vector, watercolour image" and found something that was fewer colours and I was able to edit it.