Change Again

I am no website design expert but personally I think both look really amateur, especially from somebody that advertises themselves as a website/graphic designer.

In my opinion you really need to start again from scratch, starting with your branding.

Sorry if this sounds harsh, just my opinion and best of luck to you.
I'm going to rework my existing site now. Made a few changes already, what does everyone think?
I take it your adding more text content? You will have a hard job ranking for your main keywords.

You should test your bounce rate with a dark and light background, even though the black background with white text is high contrast you will find your bounce rate is lower with a white background and dark text.
Perhaps offer both with a toggle button to swap, see how many switch back to which theme over time, that will give you a better metric than personal taste.
I'd suggest looking at alot of other web designers sites and see how they work them and then do a bit of research into grid systems and what works/what doesn't etc. There's no way that won't improve your site and knowledge for sites you'll build in the future
There are at least 2 things with web designers sites. (there are more but this is just an example)

Did they design it from scratch or are they using some kind of grid/gfx-template system?
Did they actually code it and not use an existing CMS?

I code all my sites from scratch, I don't look to any CMS, although have no problems with coding with any of them.
As a software engineer I code with reuse in mind and build in essentials which will benefit the sites I work on.

Going forward though looks I'll have to look to support other CMS as more and more people take those up rather than want purpose made sites/blogs/pages.

The net is becoming saturated with designers all chasing the elusive client, there are probably other professions that are equally seeing this influx but online developers and designers are just exploding.

As Andy said, look to some of the other sites and see how they are doing things, I also recommend looking at other issues such as usability, accessibility with WAI etc.. atm they don't seem important to some as some of the issues cannot be seen or not even thought of from the designers pov, however, going forward these will play a bigger part and it will become essential to incorporate them into your work.
Basically I think we're saying you don't need to tweak your website you need an overhall, starting with branding and then actually designing your layout etc. To be treated professional you have to look professional. Best of luck
PS. Sorry if that sounds offensive, its just constructive criticism that might hopefully bring you more custom. Seriously good luck
How about something like this: