CD Covers


Hello I'm new to the world of graphic design. I have Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, In-design etc and am interested in CD cover design. I would like to print off some designs but was wondering if anyone could tell me what gsm to use and whether I should go for glossy or silk - what's the industry standard?

Thanks to anyone who can help.
Hi Maddy

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With regards to gloss or silk, it just depends on you or your customers personal preference, glossy will be shiny and silk will have a matt finish. With regards to industry standard either are frequently used.

300gsm to 400gsm is the norm for CD Sleeves, where the CD slides into the cardboard sleeve. If you are referring to the paper inserts that go inside the jewel cases then 150gsm is about right.

If you need any further help then just ask.


Thanks Damon,

Yes I was referring to inserts in jewel cases but handy to know gsm of the other sort.