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Hi All,

I will need 2 or possible 4 sets of graphic design done for some CD releases on our new independent record label. The designs will need to be:

fold out front cover sleeve (4 pages inc front cover)
disc print design
back cover

the above will either be done for 2 or 4 releases in 1 hit.

I already have an idea on the designs and the text is all in place, just looking to get this put together by someone will the skills and software and some creative suggestions.

Please note the budget will not be huge, we are a small label so any massive graphic agencies would probably not be able to supply, so if there are any budding designers who would like to get invloved that is fine. Years and years of experience not a requirement - just a talent for design!

Time scale - between 3-6 weeks.

Many thanks, I look forward to any replies for an idea of cost.

Kind regards
Working with you.

Hi Alan,

My name is Chris Lambe, I work as a small Graphic Design company in Bedfordshire. I would love to work with you on this project of yours. If you would like to send me the information that you have to my personal email address, i can get started.

Look forward to hearing from you.
Hi Alan,

Im Jordan Thorne. Im a third year student studying graphic design. This sounds like a great project and I would love the opportunity to work with you on it. Im really cheap and can deliver great results on time.

I would love to discuss things further with you. Feel free to email me at:

Hi Alan,

I run a design studio in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and I'd love to be able to prepare a design quote for you for the work.

A few years ago I created the design and packaging for a series of 6 music CD's for Universal Records in France.

I'd be able to send you examples of this work and a quote for the work. You can email me at:

Kind regards

Scott Thomas
hi all

many thanks for all your replies and offers, much appreciated.

Simon Zinn from this forum has now taken on this job, and i'm looking forward to the outcome!

Thanks again everyone
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