Cartoonist Illustrator Services Website review please


I have been (once again) updating my images...etc. etc. please let me know if it's user friendly and the colours are fitting ..bearing in mind I offer cartoonist Illustrator services.

Many thanks


ps. re the technical side of things, tags etc. I have done what I can do so far in this understanding of the coding etc. isn't that hot.
Hi Leah,

I can't really think of the best way to approach this C&C so I think maybe a bullet point list will work better.

1. That blue you're using in the background hurts my eyes. The shade of the blue and the black background your using the for the main site, half appear to blend into one. I think you should choose either one colour for the whole thing, or, make the two colours completely different from one another.

2. Overall, I don't feel the site has any sort of hierarchy. It's all a bit like "LOOK AT ME FIRST! LOOK AT ME FIRST!" and I think my eyes struggle to know where to go. I think you could improve that by having something you want to work more with, featured more prominently.

3. The way that BLOG is in capital letters on your navigation bar and the rest are typeset differently to that, instantly puts me in a bad mood. That's an easy fix.

4. Comic Sans? :( :(

5. Even the use of Comic Sans can be overlooked sometimes, but, some of the Comic Sans in the orange squares seem to be bold (mascots, logos, illustration) whereas Gifts, Caricatures etc aren't. I'd probably go through and choose one or the other.

6. The headings for the likes of "Say Hi on Facebook" "Wizzy Witch Collectibles" All look a little stretched vertically? I'd maybe change the font there.

7. Underneath your profile picture, the paragraph appears to be all over the place. I'd try and line it all up so it looks really crisp and neat?

8. The footer is all higgledy-piggledy too in terms of typesetting and what is going where. Useful links just looks stuck up there for no apparent reason.

That's just a few quick observations, nothing too harsh or critical, just a few things that instantly stick out and make me think you could just do it that little bit better :)

ok were to begin.

the background is awful and as tony says the blue even hurts my eyes, why is BLOG in capitals? also why does "home" page have a drop down to additional services? you should have a services page and a testimonials page, not as a child.

when using colour for ur background / image boxes use a pastel or clean colour.
to me the site has been done by some one who is just throwing colour were they can and trying to make people blind. also justify the text as it looks all over the place at the moment. also on your footer "useful links" has dropped below all the other footer links.

your work is great though, i no you trying to make ur site quirky like your work/style but at this moment you aint got it right yet, just keep pushing and you will get there
OMG chaps...OMG....


Back to the drawing board...meanwhile I am the only one working on this

I shall have another go...

Thank you for taking the time to review it and sorry I hurt your eyes....please don't sue ;)
k, I have made a number of changes based on above good advice with exception of switching comic sans font...I personally don't buy into its bad repuutation :) but that's a personal thing. I knew though my use of it would attract condemnation :)

When visiting the site the overall feel I get is cheap and tacky and I don't think it is doing you any favors really. Maybe you should look around the net and research other professional illustrators portfolios and try take inspiration from those.

Lastly, and this is just a personal thing that I don't like. One some pieces of your work you have your copyright line largely plastered over the illustration. Why is it over some and not others? Personally I wouldn't have it on at all. The images are low res anyway, but even if someone did steal it, it wouldn't take them more than a few mins to remove the copyright line themselves using Photoshop.
Stick to what you do best and hire a web designer: you're more likely to end up with something that creates a good impression of your business and you'll save yourself a ton of time/effort/frustration/etc.
Not that I am particularly qualified, but it's not bad for a beginning. Not mad keen on the font use - no problem if you like comic sans, just keep your fonts consistent is all I mean - there seem to be a few too many.