Cartoon character design required for my website


I am needing a cartoon character designing for my under development website. I have been pointed towards some websites from friends but I really need the work doing as cheaply as possible!

Please let me know if anybody can help.


Pay cheap pay twice

Ever heard 'pay cheap, pay twice?'

Typically when you buy cheap services you are comprising on any or all of the following;

- The design may not be entirely original, worst case scenario is it could be a direct copy of another design and thus infringing copyright.

- The design isn't likely to be particularly impressive, and even if on the surface of it, it looks 'good', when one zooms in on the design one may find 'neatness' errors that will become apparent if the design is ever printed/viewed very large.

- It's likely your designer won't be entirely professional in their interractions with you because any designers that are very cheap tend to be new and suffering from a lack of experience or 'doing it on the side' of their day job/college.

You may suffer delays, you may suffer uncompleted projects and more hazards associated with not working with a professional.

When comparing prices between service providers, don't forget to ask if the price includes full copyright ownership or not.

Best Wishes


We can offer this but not reeeeally cheap. Feel free to PM me with more details and we can work out a price.
Fuzzy can help, I can't post links as I have only just joined on the recommendation from another forum. But just google Fuzzydon and you will see our website which shows our images and cartoon caricatures/corporate logos. Thanks!:icon_smile:
Hey man,

If you still need any help on your cartoon character, please just ask, I am currently looking at offering this more as a service in the future, so really it would be a good piece for my portfolio, so the price will reflect with this in mind. Please just take a look at my avatar and if you like that, then just get in touch ;)

If you've got this sorted, no worries and I wish you all the best.