Career Advice! im 30 and time is ticking away.


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Hello all my name is Dan I left Lincoln uni studying Graphic Design, then went to work at a printers as a designer/artwork processor now im designing ad funded magazines as well as the Adverts and whatever else comes in Posters logos flyers you know how it is. I feel my creative design skills are not wasted but maybe could go further and I want a bigger salary currently (16,000 a year) I do love where I work and the people but money is tight and I have another kid on the way lol ahrrrrrrrr. Any advice would be great im always thinking im worth more than what im being paid, does anyone else feel this. I dont get to talk to other designers and im new to this Forum well iv never really been on any Forum and im prob writing to much am I boring lol. :icon_blushing:
Hey Dan, have you spoken to your boss about a pay rise? £16,000 is about average for a junior designer role in a studio nowadays (depends whereabouts in the country you are though), and if you feel your salary should match your skills, experience and responsibilities, then you should let your employer know, especially as you have another child due.
Hi Dan, welcome to the forum. To be paid 16K at 30 years of age is not at all ideal, especially when you have children. Saying that if you are just starting out, we all had to start on 16K at some point. You have to be honest and ask yourself; am I being paid my worth? Do you consider yourself to be more experienced than a junior designer? If the answer is yes, then you should move on and find another design job, as I doubt your current employers will be willing to offer you a pay rise from 16K to 26K for example, as that is quite a leap. If they did offer a pay rise it would most likely be between 16K-20K, which is still not acceptable. But again it all depends on your experience and skill set. May I ask, what were you doing before?
I worked at a printers doing design work and setting up existing artwork for print before this current job.