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Hi all!

I need your help. 'A friend' is in the process of finishing full time work and starting his own business called 'Boxed Living'. To cut to the chase the brand will sell cardboard furniture. It's going to be an affordable flat-pack furniture solution, with a similar target market to Ikea. As hard to imagine as it may be it will be well designed, good quality furniture that does not carry the throw-away connotations which you might associate with existing cardboard products, with a product life of around 5 years.

The summary might give a clearer image on the company instead of me rambling...

Logo (apologies for the low quality, it's converting my PNG to a JPEG, can anyone help?)


Quick Summary

"Cardboard furniture for the home, office and beyond. Forget everything you thought you knew about cardboard. This is Boxed Living. Let's fold."

Further Description

"We are Boxed Living. Forget everything you thought you knew about cardboard. We're bringing together high quality and affordable flat-pack furniture with exceptional design and engineering to the UK and beyond. 100% recyclable, paintable, foldable, affordable and functional.

Our vision focuses on brilliant design and function at a reasonable price. Perfect for students, creatives, ultrapreneurs, kids and the rest, we have something for everyone. This is as simple as it gets and as brilliant as it comes. So... what are you waiting for? Lets fold."

Have been trying to avoid criticism as ever as I'm as proud as the next designer but needed to put on my big boy pants and ask for your opinions! :thumb:

So... what do you guys think of the branding from this info? What do you think of the name? What do you think of the logo?

I understand that it is hard to image high quality cardboard furniture for the masses so if you think I've missed anything that will help with your understanding/critique please shout! Focusing feedback on the name/branding/colour/logo would be great.

I've intentionally kept it simple to try and portray the simple design/assembly/ethos of the company, anyway... enough talk... hit me! :icon_cheers:



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