Car Simulation 2013 - Game Cover


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Here is a game cover I made a few days ago. I really just want to know what others think. Now, I know that if a game called 'Car Simulation 2013' was in fact released, it wouldn't have a car with over 500 horsepower doing a powerslide on the cover. I felt it worked.

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Thank you​
I find it absolutely AMAZING! good job, professional looking, good detail, the one thing I would change is the name "car simulation" doesn't go with the design, more like "demolition race" or "hot wheels"... :D well, you get the "drift" :D nice work tho
Thanks, Julian! Yeah, I agree about the name it's just I had the 'CS' logo made for someone, I quite liked it and thought it looked like a racing game logo. Thank you, haha I love the 'drift' pun!
It's alright but I don't quite get the logo. It's the white triangle in the middle and in front of the 'CS.' Why is it there? What it is meant to be? Broken glass? I would have 'Car Simulation 2013' down a bit so that the white lines are more in line with the lines slicing out the bottom of the big 'S'. Have a look at the kerning; the 'SIMULA' and the 'TION' are a bit too far apart. Also the gradient at the top isn't quite right, it should be about 3/4 black to 1/4 grey not half and half.

But nice work man it's pretty good!
Thank you, good sir. To address your first point, the triangle, it's there well because I put it there. I thought it pushed the logo away from something more common. It doesn't represent broken glass, no. Now, I do like your suggestion about the lines being closer to the gaps in the 'S'. I shall take a look at the kerning.